Prototype & Wireframing

Modern & Creative Web Design

Unique and Creative design based on latest standards and trends. All my websites are hand crafted from scratch, based on client profile, content and instructions, detailed planned and designed to fit the clients need. From the prototype, wireframe and psd design to website coding and optimization.

1. Prototyping & Wireframe

Prototype and wireframe concept for website UI/UX presentation are vital for building a custom website. In order detailed here is the correct process ( Sitemap, Wireframe, Mockup, Prototype, Design, Audit , Launch ) everyone is different but those are  some of the detailed steps into building a site.

2. PSD Design

Graphics (PSD) website design, based on content, client profile and instructions. Designing, styling, adapting and making changes until we achieve desired results.

3. Coding

Bringing design to life. Coding and templating website based on psd design. No code generators, no themes for custom project, hand coding from scratch using some popular front-end framework.