Custom Web Design

100% custom and unique websites, hand coded from scratch!

Custom website design, based on your content and instructions, developed to fit your needs. No code generators and website builders, no features you will never need, no “spaghetti” code and unnecessary scripts loaded. Hand crafted front end with semantic HTML5 markup and CSS3 styling, along with feature rich and secure open source content management framework. Easy to use admin area, fully adapted to your needs, with detailed instructions and documentation will make a website management easy and fun.

When i say “custom website” i mean…

Unique & Creative Design

Unique & creative design, based on content, client profile and instructions. We will work together to make your website just the way you want it!

Hand Coded

Hand coded with semantic HTML5 markup and css3 no unnecessary code, optimized code to fit you’re needs and performance.


Fully responsive design, your website will look perfect on all devices from PC and laptops to tables and smartphones.

Easy To Manage

Build with powerful cms framework with rich content management features. With fully adopted admin area, your website will be so easy to manage.


Without any limits, easy to extend with new features, pages, media… I use proven and popular open source frameworks, i follow coding standards and keep my code clean, so any designer/developer can work on your website in future.

24/7 Support

If you have any problem, if you need any directions in managing your website, or if you need additional features, I am at your service. I can offer you direct, online and email support, i usually respond on any support request within 12 hours.